World’s Leading Neuromorphic Intelligence

Based on 20+ years of world-leading experience of University of Zürich and ETH Zürich, SynSense provides ultra-low power consumption, ultra-low latency inference ASICs and IP blocks, as well as full-stack application development services, and is globally the only neuromorphic technology company that involves both sensing and computing.

Our Solutions

Our vast expertise in designing low-power neuromorphic circuits, and our knowledge in theory of neuromorphic, cortical computation and machine learning, gives us a unique perspective and vision beyond what is believed to be possible with today’s technologies.

Smart Vision


Multimodal Signal


Our Technology

Our neuromorphic intelligence enables us to develop efficient ultra-low-power, ultra-low-latency neuromorphic solutions for a variety of artificial intelligence edge computing applications.

Real-time Processing

Ultra-low latency, real-time increased by 10-100 times

Greater Energy Efficiency

Power consumption saving from 100 to 1000 times

Cost Effective Solutions

Lowered cost of up to 10 times

Our Applications

Our Partners

SynSense has formed partnerships with innovative companies, laboratories, and academic institutions from around the globe. We will enable the integration of neuromorphic intelligence and industry, build the cognition ecology of intelligent connectivity and lead the development of neuromorphic intelligence with our partners.

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