SynSense Speck™ Dev Kit Quick Start Guide

Toolchain and demo

* Latest Samna:
* Latest Sinabs:
* Latest Sinabs-dynapcnn:
* Latest Tonic:
* Free demo:

Operating Instructions

* Mount holder and lens (i.e. 3.6mm) on the position, ensure 2 boards stack correct and keep jumpers there in right positions
* Install the latest Samna, Sinabs and Sinabs-dynapcnn in Ubuntu(>=18.04) or MacOs(>=10.15). Python 3.6~3.11 on Ubuntu and Python 3.6~3.10 on MacOS
Note: Make sure install the Sinabs BEFORE the installation  of the Sinabs-dynapcnn
* Link the dev kit to PC USB 3.0 port via usb cable
* Please follow this instruction to ensure the dev kit can be detected if you are on Ubuntu:
* Please follow this instruction to run a dev kit, apply configuration and enable power measurement:

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