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SynSense releases the Speck™ Demo kit

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SynSense has announced the launch of a Speck™ Demo Kit. This compact development module enables users to quickly and easily deploy and validate their event-based neuromorphic vision applications.

The Kit incorporates SynSense’s ultra-low-power dynamic vision Speck™ module, along with an ultra-low-power Bluetooth controller chip and commonly used peripherals. The Demo Kit serves as a simplified embedded hardware platform, providing early access for users to test and verify neuromorphic application models and create prototypes.

Speck™ demo kit is the latest verification platform introduced by SynSense, following the high-performance neuromorphic HDK, Speck™ Dev Kit and Xylo™Audio Dev Kit.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of users in industrial and consumer development, the Speck™ Demo Kit integrates SynSense’s new dynamic vision module and application model resources. It is a cost-effective and user-friendly platform enabling users to explore the unique features of neuromorphic technology and pave the way for further development.

Speck™ Demo kit is currently available for pre-order. Interested parties can request more information by contacting SynSense: Contact | SynSense

For more, please refer to SynSense | News.

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